Wheelchair Tennis with NZ top athletes
Talent ID blog three – Creating players who understand
Talent I.D. - Are we getting it right?
Talent I.D. - The Growth Mindset
Do you coach children aged 9-12 years?
Coaching Assistants required
Visual Coaching
Doubles Reminder
Coaching assistant at Schools required


Wheelchair Tennis Xmas Party
Last Words From Wayne Goldsmith
Growing Coaches Case Study
Fun Skills - Like Making a Cake
good defending downwind
Game play after strategy discussion
Strategy discussion part A
4 zone passing game
Warm up game using ball skills



CSI Harbour
This group is open for all coaches at primary, intermediate and secondary schools as part of the CSI project. The group will have access to a wide variety of resources, videos, blogs and discussions to do with coaching school age kids in the Harbour region...


Dave Keelty
New Zealand Water Polo
Basketball New Zealand
Squash Auckland
YNZ coach
Pavel Tyslic
Kevin Woolcott
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